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Glen Sharkey

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Hi, I’m Glen - prepare to be inspired!

My expertise in terms of training, facilitation and coaching stems from a combination of three main elements- firstly, I’ve worked with developing people for over 30 years, having twice been awarded as the Professional Speakers Association Educator of the Year. Secondly, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and thousands of employees, especially in team leader development, with my expertise in this field being represented in seven published books including “The Art of Persuasive Influence” and “Navigating Courageous Conversations”. And lastly, having seen my fair share of uninspiring people development, I’ve worked to upskill my own delivery which has seen me reach the status of “Certified Speaking Professional” (CSP)- one of only 10 in New Zealand.

These three factors combine to mean that my facilitation and coaching is insightful, engaging, and most of all, effective. But I don’t stop there! As a judge for the Westpac Business Awards in the Employer of the Year category I’m exposed to cutting edge business practices that inform my own training, especially in the area of leading and inspiring staff.

Speaker session/s

2:10 pm
Keynote - Glen Sharkey | Living and Leading Above the Line

Having been fired from every job I’d had until my mid-20’s, I know what it’s like to live and breathe ‘Below the Line’. In fact, it was in my dream job (where ironically, I was teaching people how to have an effective attitude), that I was fired, narrowly reinstated, and then experienced a dramatic shift to ‘Above the Line’ thinking. I therefore know the positive impact both professionally and personally of such a change.

This presentation, based on elements from my book “The Art of Persuasive Influence”, identifies why we live ‘Below the Line’, and what it takes to shift ourselves (and others) to more productive ‘Above the Line’ attitudes and action. As with all of my presentations, I interview relevant industry personnel in order to customize the following content to the context of the audience:

  • Why people get stuck below the line?
  • How to shift yourself and others above the line
  • The fours Essential Pillars which build relational trust
  • How to conduct challenging conversations with below the line people

10th – 11th October 2024

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